Hi! I'm Viola, your transformation virtuoso

I believe that transformation is the basis of life. Without transformation we stand still. Is that bad? Yes and no. Yes, if we stand still because we resist for whatever reason to go on. No,  if we stand still to enjoy, to appreciate where we’ve come from and to draw wisdom and energy from the experience to go on. For me going on is important because I want to create - with you - a world of honesty, empathy, freedom and prosperity. For doing so, the fear of transformation has to go. Transformation is life; let us embrace it.

What you get

You will profit from 20+ years of transformation experience in leadership positions in organisational development, human resources, diversity & inclusion and project management. Playgrounds comprised of small, middle-sized and multinational enterprises in the private, not-for-profit and public sector. Industries included consulting, finance, food, health and others.

You can draw from my knowledge based on a master’s degree in change management and leadership and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Benefit from my studies in diversity & inclusion, in personal & organisational development and from the life-changing insights of Seth Godin’s altMBA.

On a side hustle, I am  trained as a photographer and yoga teacher. [But pssst, between you and me,  I am a lousy yoga practitioner if I can’t combine it with some dance moves.]

Ready for your transformation journey? Can’t wait to talk to you and start working together!

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Learnings from my transformation journey
I have always lived and breathed transformation and it has brought me some amazing experiences that are the basis for my work today. Here are some examples:  

  • Age 20:  I packed up my life in Switzerland and moved to the US for two years.
    Learning: Making brave decisions and jumping at opportunities turns life in exciting directions. What opportunities are waiting for your brave decision?
  • Age 26: I decided to quit my job and get my bachelor degrees in business administration.
    Learning: After you’ve reached the bottom and are about to give up, the good things happen. What is it that you need to let go off for the good stuff to happen?
  • Age 33: Building up the human resource department for a Not-For-Profit Organization
    Learning: Having a vision and a plan is a great source of energy and inspiration. What is your vision and your plan?
  • Age 35: Leaving a long relationship with a man and starting a new relationship with a woman.
    Learning: Being unapologetically myself is the key to happiness. What holds you back to be authentically you?
  • Age 39: Transforming the human resources department as well as building and implementing the diversity & inclusion strategy in one of the Big 4s in Switzerland.
    Learning: Being crazy about something is an even better motivation than a vision and a plan. What are you really crazy about?
  • Age 42: Giving up everything I had - fancy career and beautiful apartment - to free myself and start over.
    Learning: Letting go of everything contrary to upbringing and all social norms is very tough but very liberating. Which norms and beliefs are holding you back?
  • Age 44: Starting my own gig as your transformation virtuoso.
    Learning: Being the sole person responsible for everything I do and experiencing the immediate effect of my actions means really jumping out of my comfort zone. What do you need to jump out of your comfort zone?

How can I help you on your journey?


More nuggets:

  • Living in Zurich, Switzerland and roaming the world
  • Currently undergoing hardcore training to become the best godmother this planet has ever seen

  • Passionate cook, transforming local and seasonal ingredients into pure deliciousness

  • Give me a dance floor and there is no holding back


And thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it … and you.