Jump the corporate career and smile at all the upcoming fears


Easier said than done……

After jumping off the corporate career, I have been travelling and doing project work for two years. Using these two years of down time have been crucial to clear my head and allow me to step into this new life episode.

My Why
Starting my vlog “You will die” made me realise how precious time is, and that I want to make valuable use of my time, skills and talents. I want to step up and take full responsibility and ownership for my life. I want to have more freedom of location. I want to keep growing, learning and I want to have fun. I am not saying that this isn’t possible while being employed — for me it is just a different calling at this time in my life.

Overcoming Hurdles
The first hurdle I faced was fear. There was and very often still is, this nagging voice in my head doing its sing-song, “you’ll never succeed, you don’t know enough, who would buy from you, who do you think you are, you will not make any money, no-one will ever love you again, they will laugh at you…blah, blah, blah.” Do you recognize this voice? Does it live in your head as well? I came to understand that it doesn’t help to just ignore it. It is like a kid screaming for attention.

Source:  Tweenteacher

Source: Tweenteacher

So I sit with the voice and all the fears that are behind the voice and try to appreciate it, because it actually serves a great purpose. These fears are here to protect me from acting foolishly, which is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? But when the fears block me, I have to find a way to integrate them and keep moving. How do I do it? I actually sit down with the fears, have a glass of prosecco and feel into them. I say silently to them, “I hear you, I appreciate you, I will just sit with you.”

This sounds awfully esoteric, but sitting with my fears has become a good practice for me. The fears don’t vanish, they and I come to be at peace with each other. Well…sometimes…and sometimes not and it is just a battle in my head. When that happens, I am tempted to give up and go into busy mode. But it is a practice and I stick to it because I want to take ownership of my fears. They are a part of me and over time we will be BFFs.

BFF: Fear and me……. no, the Prosecco is not my BFF!

BFF: Fear and me……. no, the Prosecco is not my BFF!

Every day I decide to jump and smile — again and again. I invite you to jump with me and share your “coping with fear” strategies in the comments below.

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Recommended reading
Susan Jeffers’ book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” has taught me so much about being aware of my fears and being nevertheless in charge. I’ve given it to so many of my friends as a gift and I want you to receive at least this recommendation as a gift from me. It is my wish that it supports and inspires you as much as it has helped me.