You are their boss now - a 99 day Journey

Who's it for

This is for you, if you...
... have been promoted from within the team - Congratulations!
... have become the boss of your former team mates
... have all or some of the following thoughts go round in your head: 

  • "Where shall I start and how can I tackle all requirements and responsibilities of this new role?"

  • "How can I manage a team that comprises of former colleagues and even friends?"

  • "How can I organise myself that I have also time for family, friends, myself and hobbies?

Turn struggle into success and effort into impact!

Work with the four proven steps of

1) mastering your tasks
2) mastering the terrain you are operating in
3) mastering the tribe you are working with
4) mastering yourself

Just imagine being on top of your game and know exactly how to walk the four proven steps to mastery. Moving from overwhelm to being in control, being in flow and finally mastering your job. Picture yourself:

  • having more time for yourself, for family and friends because you’ve cut overtime by at least 20% if not more

  • having a proven approach to make decisions in half the time and thus save time and energy

  • having well-performing team members who add to your success and who you can support in their careers

  • having doubled your level of confidence and sleeping again at night

  • having real impact with the work you are doing and setting the base for flying high in your career

  • and the best of all feeling relaxed while having fun doing your job!

99days to a better future

journey Structure & mode

Dates: January 7, 2019 - April 15, 2019

Class: A handpicked, small and intimate group of max. 12 people

In person Class: Kick-off & closing meet-up (for classes in Switzerland; for international classes there will be an online meet-up)

Online Class:

  • 14 weekly assignments to work on whenever your schedule allows

  • 10 weekly class calls of max. 3 hours 

  • 3x1 coaching-hour 1:1 to dive deeper into your unique topics

Journey Mode:

  • working on YOUR challenges, applying the four proven steps to mastery to YOUR daily life

  • working very closely with all of your class members and building a trusted network, that will last long after the 99days journey

  • receiving weekly feedback and increasing your opportunities to learn even more

  • learning with and from each other, tapping into the experience and knowledge of each class member

money matters

Early Bird until October 31, 2018 - CHF 3’200

Regular - CHF 3’500

Instalments 3 x CHF 1’250