Working together & Client’s Voices


Transformation Training

You learn for good - creating overview, prioritising the right things, seeing it from an entirely different angle, truly understanding other people, making good decisions, gaining clarity and much more. Hence, enabling you to manage every transformation life
brings to you.

Prepare to get tools for life in an honest and authentic way, tailored to your needs.



Workshop Facilitation

Creating a space for you in which people can speak, experience, learn, cooperate, and work in ways that are otherwise impossible. A source to design feasible solutions, build trust and move forward together.

Prepare to touch brains and hearts and make a real move forward.

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You know the answers and need to bring them to the conscious level.
I ask you the right questions to lead you to your answers. 
You gain clarity in your own unique way. And then you step forward. I hold you accountable and make sure you walk safely.

Prepare to get comfortable
with the uncomfortable and have true ownership.



I’ve done it and can show you how you can do it too.

You want to give up your job, apartment and your relationship and start anew.

You identify as queer (LGBT) and want to come out at the workplace and to your friends and family.

Prepare to become a more authentic version of yourself. What a pleasure!

Viola has been integral in helping me to look into my default patterns by asking tough questions that help me go deeper. She then supports me to take big leaps in new directions and experience big ah-has. I am deeply grateful to have had her on my journey.”
— Dr. Sara Smith